The FISA Exhibition at the Old Library

The concept of trust companies was founded in SA and the Old Library Museum has an exhibition dedicated to the history of the country’s trust company movement.
Here Anziske Kayster, the museum manager, shows a time capsule, filled with items pertaining to the fiduciary industry.
The exhibition looks to preserve the history of trust companies, a concept that was founded in SA in 1834 and has spread across the world since then.
Documents pertaining to the rich heritage of trust companies in SA and the development of fiduciary professions can be seen at the new exhibition.
The display was organised by the Fiduciary Institute of Southern Africa (FISA), which grew out of the Association for Trust Companies.
FISA chair Dr Eben Nel said Graaff-Reinet was the ideal location for the exhibit due to the town’s historic connection to the trust company movement.
“One of the oldest trust companies in the world is still operational in Graaff-Reinet, and the fact that Graaff-Reinet has proved itself as a responsible guardian of history, makes it the ideal town to become the custodian of the colourful heritage of the trust company movement and the development of the fiduciary profession,” Nel said.
Museum curator Anziske Kayster said she hoped museum visitors would find the exhibit fascinating and that this would go a long way to preserving the heritage of a profession that had always been focused on serving the public.
Taken from: HeraldLIVE
Image: Seth le Roux